Thursday, December 17, 2009

Anatomy of a Really Bad Day

It seems stupid to write about everything going wrong, but I'm hoping that getting all this off my chest will help me calm down, and also that some time in the future we will be able to laugh at all this. Not yet though.

Yesterday was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

To start with I had to mail a package. I looked up the post office hours, and one of them opened at 8am. I could get there, get my box sent, then get to work not too late. However, when I got there, it turned out that it opened at 9am instead. Stupid post office.

Then, driving up San Tomas Expressway, a six lane road, I watched a squirrel attempt to make it across. He managed three lanes, the median, and my lane, and then got smashed by the car next to me. Why does this bug me so much? They're just hairy rats, right? Stupid squirrel. :(

Then, we had a quarterly event at work, which was an off-site lunch and bocce ball game. First, someone called me right before I left, and wanted to look at some layout, because she thought it was wrong. It wasn't. I knew it wasn't. I told her it wasn't. She insisted on discussing it a while. Finally, I was able to leave, but I was very late. Stupid co-worker.

Then, Google Maps was WRONG. It's the strangest thing. I got the address directly from the Campo di Bocce website, but Google Maps steared me to a DIFFERENT bocce ball court, on the same road. The spot on the map was absolutely perfect, for the wrong court. Considering the scarcity of bocce ball courts (I only know of two), the chances of this happening must be miniscule. Anyway, I called a friend and he guided me to the right place. Late, of course. Stupid Google Maps.

Oh and I found that I totally suck at bocce ball. Stupid bocce ball.

After the team-building event, I stopped at another post office to send my package. The postage was $25!!! WTF? For a small box??? That was way more than the stuff inside was even worth! I could have sent $25 and told the other person to just buy the things where they lived and keep the change! Stupid post office.

It was only 3pm, but it would be wasteful to drive all the way back to work and then back home again, so I came home and started working. However, apparantly when I'm at home, it means I'm supposed to help with homework and music and everything else. Excuse me for being on the clock.

Kira and Jordan had a Christmas concert to sing and play at that night, and Kira had a violin lesson beforehand. So, Sue took Kira to her lesson and then directly to the concert. I was to take Jordan. I left dinner on the counter for Alex and then left with Jordan.

Of course, as soon as I left, Kona, our chocolate labrador, went after the big bucket of soup and dumped it all over the floor. Alex cleaned up most of it, but I had to do the rest when I got home. Two meals worth of soup, gone. Stupid dog.

I was pretty sure the concert was at Vallco Mall at 5:45, so I took Jordan there and arrived about 5:35. We couldn't find anyone, though. We walked the entire length (maybe a quarter mile?) of the mall SIX times. I found a friend Christmas shopping, but never found any singers. I called Sue a million times, but no answer. Finally, at 6:00, I was getting very worried that it was really supposed to be Valley Fair Mall (Vallco, Valley Fair.. why do they name malls so similar?). So, we left and drove across town to the other mall. This mall is a compete maze, but we walked almost the whole thing, but didn't hear any singing. Keep in mind that this was the Christmas shopping season so the malls were totally packed, and it was at rush hour, so the roads were totally packed. Finally, I get the idea I should have had long ago and call home to ask Alex if Sue had written anything on the calendar. "Vallco Mall, outside JC Penny". Well, I was right the first time! But we never saw anyone! And now we're across town... So, I drive back there even though it’s a lost cause now, and walk every square foot of JC Penny inside and out. Nothing. Finally, I gave up and let Jordan check out some RC racing tracks in one of the stores. Later, as we leave, he thought he saw someone from his singing group. Wha..? So we look around some more and find the group packing up, BEHIND A DIVIDING WALL BY THE FOOD COURT. WTF? Who sings BEHIND a wall?

Oh well, too late now, so we drove home. While I was driving, my phone buzzed for a message. It had been left by Sue before the concert, saying where it was. Stupid AT&T didn't get the message to me until it was too late.

Sue had called from someone else's phone, because she didn't have hers. Of course, when she saw Jordan didn't show up on time, she could have borrowed someone's phone, or gone to a pay phone. But noooooo.

So, Jordan didn't get to sing, and I missed seeing my daughter play her violin, only her second public performance of her life.  This kills me.

When Sue got home afterwards, she was furious at me for not bringing Jordan. Of course, I was furious with her for not calling me. So, that conversation didn't go well, to put it mildly.

I took the dog for a long walk just to get away for a while.

At 9:00, Alex tells me he needs a gift for Secret Santa the next day. Hello? I was just at TWO malls and passed about THREE HUNDRED stores, and NOW you tell me, and HOUR before bed, AFTER most stores are closed? No. Hell no.

Oh, and my Christmas cards still aren't done.

Stop the world, I want to get off. Life sucks.

Well, my story is done, but I don't think I'm any calmer than before.  I'm still stressed, angry and depressed all rolled into one.  Oh well, here's hoping that we can laugh about all this some day.

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