Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Car Jousting

Last December, I was rear-ended by some jerk while driving to work. (I'm ok, thanks.) The guy was around 20 and driving a black Lincoln Towncar, clearly not his own. The collision pushed my car into the car in front, so I got damage on both ends. He must have been stopping pretty fast, because my bumper isn't too bad, while his grill was destroyed, and the car had to be towed. That gives me some slight pleasure, but not quite enough to outweigh how angry I am.

My car is actually not in too bad a shape.. some cracks, lights out of place, and pieces that don't quite match up anymore. Definitely will need new front and rear bumpers, hood and trunk at least. My biggest concern is that the insurance company will just total the car (1996 Geo Prizm LSi, 113000 miles) and hand me $2000 to buy a new car.. gee, thanks... I go from having a perfectly good car that I love to being $20k in debt at least, thanks to some punk kid.

Anyway, while inspecting the damage, I noticed this rather concerning sight:

(Click image to enlarge.)

What the heck happened to my muffler? I guessed that he must have hit it and ripped it down out of the body of the car. But I didn't know there was a rectangular panel (some kind of firewall protection?) behind the muffler that the tailpipe went through.. strange.

Well, it's probably not good to drive that way, especially if I go over a speed bump, so maybe I can cram the whole contraption back up where it came from. So I get under the car and take a look.

First, I notice that the rectangular piece is just an old license plate. What the heck? I'm all for recycling, but I really don't want my car built out of old license plates! Then I notice it's a California plate, beginning with the number 6. When I bought the car, they were only up to 3, so this plate couldn't have been from back then. Then of course it dawns on me.

(Click image to enlarge.)

My car freakin' speared the other guy's license plate and kept it as a souvenir! Awesome! I love my car... :)

Geo Prizm: 1
Lincoln Towncar: 0

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